Thursday, August 22, 2013

Reader's Favorite Just Reviewed Awake In Hell!

Book Review
Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite

Join Louise Patterson’s life in Hell, literally, in Awake in Hell by Helen Downing. What a hilarious version of Hell from one dead woman’s point of view. I should not be saying this, but Hell doesn't sound so bad; that doesn't mean I want to go there, though. Hell is not as we often picture it –- not according to Awake in Hell, at least. The protagonist actually has a job down there. Louise Patterson is a woman who seems to cope with life in a world where all humans strive –- or not –- to avoid. Some readers may find it hard to get used to the vulgarity of the language in the beginning chapters, but once they get past that, I can guarantee that readers will have fun reading Louise’s wacky adventure in Hell.

Helen Downing has written something different than my usual reading. By no means that this novel is preachy, but depending on each reader, the religious aspect of the story, which is in the Christian perspective, may or may not be a comfortable matter. Nevertheless, this is not a flaw but just a matter of how open-minded you are. Personally, I consider this story as spiritually wise, charming, and funny as hell (no pun intended). I love the plot and the characters, and the prose is flawless. Ironically, this book about Hell does make me hopeful and see my life in a new perspective. On the whole, readers will laugh and learn something from Awake in Hell.

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